Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Regarding the gift idea

Forget it!
you can thank the one person that bought my "Sensual" Kit along with my "Boo" kit yesterday and uploaded them both straight onto a share site!
It makes me so mad, there was i gonna give kits to people that couldn't afford them and some arse wipe does that. But it's cool aint too hard to work out who you are =o)


Jody said...

I really can not understand some people!!!!
The gift scheme was such a wonderful heart felt idea Lisa. I do hope you will reconsider the idea at some point.
Please do not judge everyone by the standards of these cretins.

Sending lots of love your way,

Suzie said...

Lisa hun,
it's not that these people can't afford to pay for kits. It's because they are so far up there own asses that they feel they shouldn't have to. They have no respect for anyone or anything and yet,when there own stuff is stolen they scream like mad women!!!

Just incase some people do not realise, Lisa and most of the other designers actually pay out of there own pockets to supply the tagging world with these kits. Yet they still give away stuff for free & these people can not respect them when they try and earn a few dollars back to purchase new supplies!!
Keep your chin up Lisa
Huggerz Suzie

Sabrina Ferreira said...

Dear Lisa,
I don't know more than to think or the one that saying regarding those things that I have been seeing in the internet in the last days or months if I can say like this...
I won't say for you to reconsider your idea of giving or not the kits the some people of form free... Because only you knows what is feeling at this time still more because it went by similar situation the few days...
I feel disgusted of people that rob the works of the other ones and they review in way shameless internet to had been... I feel a lot for the happened wanted... I believe that a punishment should exist for that act type... And I don't say a divine punishment that life will give to who practices this disrespect act and yes a legal punishment that saw once and for all to end with that character lack that has been rounding the internet.
Wanted, once again I feel a lot and know that you have all my affection and admiration... I always bought your kits as I do with all the kits of the designers for which I write the tuts.
Affectionate kisses and don't leave with that such low people destroy your day... There is much more of God for us to win than the imbecile of the world to remove us.
Sabrina Ferreira

Charmed by Gorjuss said...

I'm new to your site...learned about you through an awesome tut by Zuzzanna using your Sexy Diva kit. You're the second one I read about today that this has happened to. I'm really sorry that people have to do this. Gentle hugs to you.

Frosted Illusions said...

Thank you ladies, it's the people like you that really do make things worthwhile.

Hugs to you all
Lisa x x

Frosted Illusions said...

Sabrina, I have only known you a few days, but in those few days you have shown me what a truely beautiful person you really are. I just wish the world was full of people like you.

Hugs Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Why do some people always ruin it for others. Even your kits arnt that expensive I got the boo one and I dont buy many because with what I buy in tubes im an addict lol
But you take alot of time to do what you do because you love it and some appreciate it. Some are just plain idiots.

gharbuck said...

I hear about this more often than not. I just don't understand the people that do it. It's stealing, plain and simple. Yes they purchased it for personal use but that doesn't mean they can give it away to as many people as they want. I love your work, I do purchase more scrapkits than I will admit to my hubby but I'm sure not going to give them away. I had to pay for them and so should they!
Thanks for all of your hard work!

Anonymous said...

i think that it is terrible i am sorry this has happened to you. Please keep up your good works you are appreciated