Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pirate Queen

Well what can i say about this sad excuse for an after birth. This woman "Pirate Queen" aka "LizThePirate" feels its perfectly fine to hit on stores then upload all the kits, mine and many others directly to rapid share, for any idiot stupid enough to download them. Why does she do this you may ask yourselves, well people like her, seem to have nothing in life apart from their pathetic little net egos, they crave attention by "sharing" pay to use things with complete strangers. I think it must make them feel superior in life somehow. Maybe it accounts for the fact they have nothing in life *shrugs* who knows.She shares most of her stuff through two groups both by the name of " Sensual Psp Resort" Shame on the managers of these groups, they boast about being great groups that abide by rules, blah blah my backside!!
I think most of the stores have been covered with this womans details. If you are a store owner and haven't yet recieved them, you can drop me a line from your store email addy
HERE & i'll pass them on.
Elizabeth, Pirate Queen, what ever you wanna call yaself. It's time for a change of name Treacle, i think "Stupid Queen" is more your line.