Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Update on my Stores

Due to my own personal health issues, i have decided that as of the end of January I shall be leaving most of my stores. This is purely a decission i have made due to the fact i am finding it hard to keep up with store demands & has no reflection on the wonderful store owners that have hosted me. They are fantastic ladies & i wish them the very best for the future in thier buisnesses.
For the future, my kits & any new kits will remain on sale exclusively at Aussie Scrap Designs
I hope you will continue to purchase from this wonderful store.

Hugs Lisa


Rose said...

Just glad that you are feeling better. Take things easy Lisa and get some rest.

Raeven said...

Lisa, I think everyone will understand hunnie and be totally behind you xx I for one am just glad that I will still be able to work with your gorgeous kits xxx huggers xxx

Josbits2 said...

Hi Hunni, Jo the nutta here lol, Well I am glad you aren't stopping completely, I love your FTU but I will be their on Friday PAYDAY, getting some PTU, Get well soon sweetie. Take it easy, if you can, anything like me, got no chance lol.
Anyway all the best.
Luv Jo.xx.

Frosted Illusions said...

awww thank you ladies means a lot. I won't be giving up, just maybe on a go slow, or should i say even slower than usual lol.
Thanks Hugs Lisa x