Thursday, 31 July 2008


It has been bought to my attention that some of my PTU kits have been uploaded to share sites. One of these kits being my brand new Lilac Time kit. The reason i made this kit, was so that i could make a few Pennies to buy more resources & continue to make stuff for everyone for free.
I don't want to go completely PTU, if i did i'd be out there building my own store. But i appreciate what it is like to live on a budget & not be able to persue your hobby, because everything costs money.

I've been intouch with the two share sites involved & no doubt they will get rid of the accounts involved as they usually do. That won't stop anything though will it, these people will have my files uploaded to another account in mins *sighs*

Thank you to the two lovely ladies that bought this to my attention, i really appreciate your honesty *hugs*

Now i'm off to indulge in a bar of choccie & decide if this is really all worth it.



Brandi said...

Wow! I am so sorry to hear this Lisa! I know it is hard and I have heard things like this happening to scrap makers all over. I only hope that people will get the message but I doubt it. I just hope you don't give up because there are certainly more good people out there than bad ones!

Raeven said...

Lisa hun, eat the chocolate, eat the box lol ok hang on gimme your bank account number i will send over reserves, buy cadburys lol, seriously though hun just dont let this get to you ok, they are not worth it, if they can sleep at night let them sleep but what goes around comes around hun, I know right now you will be feeling like crap, but think of all those who do not abuse your TOU's and who love creating with your kits xxx Another hug needed for you I think xxx Keep yer chin up ok xxx

simplysensationalscraps said...

hey hunnie keep your chin up there is a lot of jelious ppl out there and there greed gets the better of them dont give up babes sending great big hugs mwah xxxxxx

Frosted Illusions said...

Thanks ladies, it;s people like you that make it worth while.
Oh & Raeven, i'll have to take you up on the choccie offer, aslong as its cadburys dairy milk? lol

Hugs Lisa

Jo said...

So sorry to hear this Lisa
I hope you continue to make your kits cos its a shame a few bad ones spoil it for all the others but I do understand how you feel
Take care hun
hugs Jo

djemgis said...

So sorry to hear this Lisa.
You have been so generous with you beautifull freebies.
Just recently I bought a few of your beautiful kits.

Hugs Linda

Rachelz_Expressionz said...

Lisa this is getting to the point where something had got to be done to protect scrappers.Im so sorry this happened.Dont give up hun I know I enjoy your kits and love the fact you take the time to make them.Big Hugs!