Friday, 1 August 2008

Ptu Monster Kit " Feeling Blue"

After the Success of my Lilac Time Kit, I thought i'd make another simular one.
Again there is more than shown in the preview.
There is a full list of what the kit contains below.

Hugs Lisa

5 x Frames
2 x Bead Hearts
4 x Blossom
4 x Dot Bows
1 x Beaded Heart Charm
2 x Boxes
5 x Butterflies
2 x Clips
2 x Crystal Dragonflies
1 x Dragonfly
2 x Double Bows
15 x Flowers
2 x Flower Ribbon
3 x Metal Heart Bows
3 x Knot Bows
3 x Pearl Bows
3 x Poppies
2 x Embroidered Sachets
3 x Sloppy Bows
3 x Sloppy Bow Ribbons
2 x Folded Stitched Ribbons
3 x Tags
2 x Wrapping Bows
12 x Papers

Price $2.75

You can purchase it HERE


simplysensationalscraps said...

another stunner sweetheart love it!!!!!
big hugs monica xxxxxxx

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