Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Regarding The Bears

Right i'm just about sick of do gooders that dont get thier facts right.
No where did i state that those bears were my sole creation, i infact stated that they were made from a tutorial did i not? The tutorial writers terms of use state that i am free to do what i wish with the results of the tut. The tutorial itself is copy righted, not the results of it. Now i do not expect to be emailed by random people that have no idea of what they are talking about, threatening me that they will report me for allsorts. Yes you may have seen the same bears else where , of course u have theres hundreds of them. Anyone claiming they are thier creation that isn't the person that originally made them is breaking copy right! which i clearly have not done.

the tut is HERE, notice what it says under the bear
The terms of use are HERE note the 3rd paragraph

Now you want to report my backside, go for it, just make sure you're prepared to kiss it on the way back up!


Anonymous said...

Good for You! You told those busybodies, who go around trying to police everybody.

Wonderful write up and thanks for the bear, it's cute.

Anonymous said...

Why do people feel the need to do that!

It amazes me that some of these people actually spend the day, going round blogs & sites like they are some kind of law enforcement.

Yes if someone has stolen something, inform the owner but please get it right first.

People like Lisa spend a lot of time making things for us for free & then thoughtless idiots do that kind of thing.

Chin up Lisa, don't let them get to you.

Frosted Illusions said...

Thanks ladies,

It's not the fact that people enquire about having seen things else where etc. It's the mannner in which they do it that is upsetting. Yes people should report things if they are genuinely wrong, no one wants their creations stolen, but
I had 4 or 5 emails about these bears, all wanting to report me for copy right violation.
One woman even claimed they were hers she had originally created them and apparently i had recoloured them. If i didn't remove them from my blog she would report me under some kind of american federal law.
Well as we all know they are infact the creation of a tutorial writer. So it just shows you how dishonest & egotistic some people really are.
Maybe she;s not feeling so smug now *giggles*