Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Grrrrrrrr @ 4Shared!!!!

Right, 4shared is being a right royal pain today/tonight.
all of my download links are fine, it's 4shared that is down not my links.
If you are ordering kits from me,please be paitient, i am getting them out as fast as i can. Where i would normally send out 4shared links, i am having to upload my kits to emails. My monster kits have had to be split into several files so that i can mail them. As you can imagine this takes a little while to send out each kit.
Hopefully things will improve in a few hours time *wishes* lol.

Oh & btw it's my birthday today, i'm 25 years young today.......happy birthday to me....... happy birthday to me lol


Brandi said...

Happy Birthday hun! 25 years old huh? I remember my 25th birthday....I got wasted and I was crying because I was a quarter of a century old, lmao! I am only 27 now but geez the time flies by! Hope you have a special birthday today. I will have to make you a pressie! Hugs!