Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My Rant

Right i'm going to have a proper rant now because it pains me a great deal to be traveling around all the blogs and seeing the total lack of manners from 3/4 of the people that download the freebies these people create for you. I've just been over to a friends blog. She put up a kit yesterday afternoon, when i got there this morning she'd had 874 downloads so far, 697 people before me couldn't even be bothered to type two words whilst they waited for the 4shared link. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, How hard is it?

If someone gives you a present do you say thank you? if a stranger holds the door open for you do you say thank you? When you take the pizza out of the delivery guys hand , do you say thank you?

I'm 24 years old and all i hear on a day to day basis is that the young people of today have no manners, anyone surprised? How are these kids expected to have manners when their elders don't?

Most of the people that make freebies for you do it from their own pockets!
If you don't want to see the whole tagging/ scrapbooking community go pay to use, theres a simple answer "THANK YOU"

To all the fantasic people that do take the time to say thank you & leave such wonderful comments, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's truely appreciated. Believe it or not the blog owners do read each and every one of them.
Maybe we should start having a list of people that do appreciate our work and send them our stuff for free and those that dont can pay, hmmm now theres an idea *thinks* lol

Rant over .......... for now lol

Hugs Lisa

P.S feel free to have your say on this issue


Jo said...

H Lisa
Were I agree with you as regards common courtesy and a quick thank you doesnt take 2 seconds to do, I personally dont mind if people dont leave me a comment on my blog as I dont have much time to read them anyway and I havent got my comments activated on my blog for that reason!lol!although i do have a shout box for anyone who does feel they want to leave me a comment.
I do however try and leave a comment when I download stuff from others as long as they have their comment box on view but cos I have the 4 shared direct download activated on my account I dont get to comment on the 4 shared anyway and have to rely on commenting on the blog itself.
I always do feel that I want to leave designers comments just to let them know I appreciate their hard work xx

Anonymous said...

It's sad that it happens, but sadly to say it does. I understand how you feel because I have had it happen to me frequently. Not only the lack of a comment but also having an item stolen and claimed as their own.

I appreciate the work that you do & share. Please don't let this get you down.

simplysensationalscraps said...

well said hun! this really gets to me to how hard is it to even say ty! there are so many fabtastic freebies all there would be so nice if more ppl took to secs to show a bit appreciation*sigh*
hugs monica xxx

Sassy in Scotland said...

Hi Lisa, I just found your blog and read your rant and I've got to say I agree wholeheartedly! So many online don't have the manners you know darn well their elders did teach them. They seem to feel because you can't see the person there's no need to be polite or even considerate, and so they are rude, arrogant and obnoxious while expecting everyone else to give them what they want. I leave a comment when I download a freebie, heck I leave a comment in the comments section when I buy kits, saying thank's not say it's not hard to write two words, but it's even easier than that...most folks online know that ty is thank they are too darn lazy to even type two letters that are right next to each other! It's one of those things that drives me nuts. If they are so darn busy that they can't be polite when someone gives them a gift then they should consider themeselves to be too busy to visit the blogs of the designers who are giving their creations away. As much as I hate to admit it, I do suspect that the industry will have to go to pay for supplies before those rude ones get a clue and realise what a gift they are being given. As for those who download and then claim as their own...they know it's wrong but think they won't get caught...but I believe in Karma and what you do in the world comes back on you tenfold...boy they've got a lot of rudeness and/or theft coming their way huh? lol. Anyway, I've not downloaded anything yet, as I just read this post and had to agree with you there and then lol but no doubt I will be downloading and you can be sure you'll be receiving a thank you from me when I do. Take care and I hope you have a great week. xx

Aquarius Scrapability said...

Hi Lisa,
I totaly agree with you.
Rant away my dear! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, just wondering, do you have the time to read 985 thank yous or you would be rather designing and maybe doing chores that needs to be done! All the people who download are very thankful, believe me. The number of downloads should tell you..yes, she is awesome and so is her work.
Just my 2 cents in. love and thank you Ro

Frosted Illusions said...

Ro for your two cents worth yes i do read each and every one of them and what i do with my time is my choice is it not? Can i actually do anything other than sit at my comp? good question hey. If you had read my rant properly in the first place you would have seen that i wasn't actually refering soley to myself, i was actually refering to each blog as a whole. Wether the blog owner reads them or not is not an excuse for peoples lack of manners is it?

Aussie Scrappers said...

Well said Lisa

couldn't have said it better myself

love ya

Monti said...

Totally agree with you Lisa, it's not hard and encourages people to keep things free. Thanks for all your awesome shares.
Glad you like my tut too.
Hugs Monti

Anonymous said...

Lisa ... I totally agree with you! A simple "Thank You" is never asking too much for gifts - especially in the form of FREEbies!
As for me, right now I'm just learning and freebies help in that way. I try to always leave a TY in appreciation. If I ever forget to leave a note, it's certainly not by intention. What would newbies do without the help of those like you who offer freebies?
I hope your message stings the guilty and puts us all on the same page!

Anonymous said...

My 2cents worth yes it is nice to read a thank you,because it encourages the designer and it's nice to read.. Designers don't have to give freebies but they do because they want to/love to...

AusAngel / Renie said...

I agree we have 9 kids and theyd get a kicked butt if they didnt use their manners! I didnt realise just how many people didnt say thankyou until i started scrapping myself 107 downloads no thankyou 309 1 thankyou sad but true.
Ive only just discovered your blog but thankyou for the shares and all your hard wortk!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! You know the sad thing is the ones that wont or dont say thank you probably wont even read any of this...but but but...karma will bit them in the arse!! LOL I'm new to your blog and have to say your very talented!! ANd I wouldnt pay any mind to the person who asked you if you actually read etc..obviously they have nothing better to do with their time but start was just to get a rise out of just ignore the little (insert bad word here lol)....anyway,..rant on any time you speech right? lol
Have a great day and thanks again for all you do!!

Frosted Illusions said...

thanks for your comments on this ladies & Gina you're right sweetheart, the *&^%$(* people wont read this, but hey like you i believe in Karma so they best watch out lol.

BellaRich Creations said...

THank you so much for your work. I myself am guilty for this sometimes, but with two kids sometimes it is up and down a million times and I forget to leave comments. I will make more of an effort now. Thank you for pointing this out.

Lisa said...

I hear ya!

Take one of my latest kits..1,823 downloads and 351 thank you comments. Not a very good percentage really.

As for the person that mentioned reading them...I read every single comment that people leave and every one of them makes continuing to design a pleasure.

I always say thanks when I download a freebie's just common courtesy really.

Frosted Illusions said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by huni. It's true, it is the people that show the thanks that make us continue to do what we do. I've been looking at the amount of replies you get for your downloads since you began , and it is disheartening to see , but hey we do what we do because we enjoy it right? and thats what matter most =o)

Anonymous said...

I have never personaly d/l any of your freebies, i rather use PTU scraps anyways, but the way i see it, and do not bite my head off because it is only my opinion lol, do you make stuff because you love to do it? or for the ty's? i mean honestly, i couldnt give a flying fk if people said ty or not i make stuff and share it because i love making it and i love sharing, nothing more.
If they leave a thanks then hey how cool, but if they dont oh well.
It is not the people that dont say ty that are making everyone go PTU but the people who make an issue about not getting a ty.
Just my view....

Frosted Illusions said...

Anonymous person , with no name , yet much opinion.......

sorry was i suposed to rise to that? You don't download my freebies? you wernt here buying a kit either were you? don't tell me you came all the way over here just to try and bait lil ole Lisa, deary me *sighs*
I dunno where your from yeah , but i was raised with value and respect. The same value and respect that will be installed in my children. If someone gives you something u say thank you no matter what it is. It's not much to expect in life, it's simple common courtesy & guess what? its Free!!! you don't need a licence or anything, hows that?

Laura said...

Actually i was buying a kit, i dont d/l anyones freebies,so where is MY ty? i was linked from a tut, but anyways, i dont even know who you are to be here just to bait anyone, my my got our panties in a knot dont we?
Seems we cant take anyone elses opinion, while you were being raised with your so called "values" did they teach to respect others opinions?
Apparently that is a freebie too, but i guess the link was expired for you huh?

Foofsmom said...

I agree with you Lisa. it only takes a second to say something kind. I do it before I ever click the download it now button. I appreciate SO MUCH the creativeness ya'll have and that you offer some to us poor people that can't buy stuff. Trust me if I COULD make my own I would LOL but sadly I lack creativeness. SO Rock on Lisa and all other talented scrappers. I for one give you a HUGE HUGE HUG for offering freebies. ♥♥♥♥♥♥☺♥♥♥♥♥♥

Cindy AKA: Foofsmom

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. If they dont like it enuff to leave a thank you then they shouldnt even download it.

Frosted Illusions said...

Firstly.....If you bought a kit from me your thank you would have come with it. They are sent out with a standard email that says thank you more than once on it.
Secondly.. I dont get my knickers in a twist over fonts treacle.
As for respecting opinions... i see you getting in a tizzy over mine there sweetheart =o)