Monday, 9 June 2008

News Flash Lol

Hi all,
Right , my brain's been churning round again, not healthy i know lol.
I had a good long think over the weekend about my blog, along with my tutorial site. I sat and thought about what made me start scrapping along with a lot of other things and i realised that i started doing this for fun because i enjoyed doing it. Everything was going PTU and there wasn't much left out there for the people like myself that have to budget their way through life.
Then if i'm honest i got a bit annoyed, I had like 900 people downloading my kits in just a couple of days and only around 50 of those people remembered their manners and said thank you.
Then my blog was hacked and i had to start again, so i decided to go PTU.
Well those few people that do take the trouble to leave a comment, remind me every time of the reason i started to make scraps, as a result i've decided that as of today everything on my blog will be back to freebies, which was my original intention when i started out. Obviously any of my previous PTU kits will remain that way, as it would be totally unfair on anyone that has previously purchased them for me to give them away for free.
I may make the occasional Monster PTU Kit in order for me to purchase more resources, but other than that it will be Freebies Freebies Freebies lol.
Thank you to those of you that do leave me some love, you make it all worth while.

Hugs Lisa


Anonymous said...

Lisa thank you so much for this.I enjoy using psp but i'm not in the position to be able to spend lots of money on supplies. You really have made my day thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello from, you just blew me away with all your lovely things!...the soft pink feathers against the black really caught my eye...then,,,,I got into all your pages and comments and what you had to say and how you felt....Good for you honey!!!!....I loved it all...I am a grandmother and a young 74 and can you believe I'm just finding out about scrapbooking? looks like a lot of fun and I hope to live long enough to enjoy doing something with these beautiful things....many blessings to you my dear.......BIG TEXAS HUGS...Ginger