Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Regarding Sales

Hi all,
As of today i have decided that all of my sales will be done via the store. The reason for this is, i can really do without the stress & abuse.
If you purchase something from me & your email is bouncing, that is not my fault.
If you pay me by ECheque because your credit card details have not been updated on paypal & you have to wait 7 days for the funds to clear, that is not my fault.
If you no longer use the email address registered to your paypal account, that is not my fault.
With all these thoughts in mind, i would much rather be creating something new rather than spending my day trying to justify the fact i have not ripped some of you off. I'll be taking the shopping cart down at some point today, so i would rather anyone that wishes to purchase anything today does it via the store just incase of errors. If you have purchased something from me & it is awaiting processing, you will recieve from me it the moment your funds hit my paypal account.
Thank you to everyone that has purchases things from my blog, 95% of the time it's been a pleasure. I hope you will continue to purchase my kits from the store.

Hugs Lisa