Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Peoples March

On Saturday 1,000's of people joined in two marches through the streets of London, along side the families & friends of London's teenage victims of knife killings.

The first march began from south london, with Richard taylor father of Damilola Taylor at it's head. In November 2000, 10 year old Damilola was murdered by a gang, in Peckham south east London, as he returned home from a computer class at the local libary. He was left to bleed to death on the stair well of an estate that was being demolished.
The second march came from the North of London, with Brooke Kinsella at the head. Brooke's 16 year old brother Ben was stabbed to death in June of this year.
The two marches met in London's Hyde park for a rally.
The idea for the People's March was started on Facebook by Sharon Singh and Gemma Olway, both 26 and living in south-west London.
It received the backing of several national newspapers.
I truely hope that this has been enough to make the british government get up off their fat salarys & do something about what is happening to our country. So far they have talked the talk and watched more and more innocent kids die. It's time for some action, they are supposed to run the country right? well from where i am sitting it seems like it's being run by the teenage gangs. I just pray to god we don't have to add another innocent child to the list, before they take action.