Saturday, 27 September 2008

Regarding My free kits.

Hi all,
Right first of all my appologies, someone left me a comment about using my kits for a blinkie challenge. I clicked publish so i could read it and then lost it lol.
So what i'll do for everyone is i'll breifly lay out the two questions i get asked most often.
This applies to my freebies only!

If you want to make Blinkies, layouts etc it's fine as long as you are not selling them or taking donations for them. I'd appreciate a link back to my blog as credit & i'd love a link to your blog/site so that i can see what you've made from them.

If you are a group manager & would like to use them in your challenges etc, thats fine aslong as you direct people to my blog to download the kit. You can use my previews in your group so that members know what they are looking for.

any other questions etc, feel free to email me HERE

Hugs Lisa